The Representatives of EFCCA in Warsaw

The two representatives of the EFCCA Governing Body visited us in Warsaw during the last days of November 2010. These were Luisa Avedano from Italy and Chayim Bell from the Netherlands. Unfortunately, Marco Greco (the Chairman of EFCCA) was not able to meet us due to illness.

Together with our guests we did a bit of sightseeing in Warsaw. We also attended a meeting of the J-elita Governing Body. During the meeting we discussed the details of our entering EFCCA (which will take place in Copenhagen in April 2011 during the Annual General Assembly of EFCCA). We also exchanged ideas related to our further cooperation. There was also a meeting on the topic of the 14th  European Youth Meeting, which will take place in Cracow from 30 June to 3 July 2011 under the patronage of EFCCA.

That brief visit of the EFCCA representatives is a good sign for our future collaboration.

Translation: Katarzyna Imielska